Volissos is one of the biggest villages of the northwest part of Chios. It stretches over an area of 33 square kilometers and it has an elevation of 100 meters above the sea level. Its distance from the city of Chios is 41 km and 2 kilometers from the sea .

  The village is classically built much like an amphitheater on the slopes of Amani mountain, overlooking the magnificent Aegean Sea. The panoramic view of the mountains, valley and sea are priceless.

  Volissos is a picturesque village with alleyways, with cube-shaped houses built with red and grey stones, tiled rooftops, pergolas and tiny yards. The narrow streets of the village are in their majority settled with pebbles. A grand medieval castle crowns the top of the hill over Volissos. The Byzantine castle has a trapezoid shape with six circular towers. Inside the castle there were several buildings, cisterns and churches. There was also a tunnel connecting the castle with the seashore and the Pithonas district. It was the ideal place to watch over the Aegean sea and protect the island from possible invaders. .

  Wind mills and the ruins of some water mills as well as a lot of Byzantine churches adorn the surrounding area.

  In a short way from Volissos there is the pilgrimage of the local Saint "Aghia Markella". On July 22nd, thousands of pilgrims coming from all over the island and the country are gathered to celebrate. Holly water springs from a hole just beside the cold sea.

  There is a wide selection of both sandy or pebble beaches; the most famous are Managros, Limnos, Magemena, Limnia, Lefkathia, Lampsa and Agia Markella.

  If the summer is bright in Volissos, autumn, winter and spring offer an enchanting tone. On the way to the sea the visitor is greeted by fields of olive and citrus trees. Nature offers its colors through genuinely unique flora that grows in the surrounding area with rare herbs and wildflowers of exceptional beauty. Wild vegetation in the valley and at the banks of the River Malagiotis, which flows into Managros beach, enables visitors to walk and explore.

  The tradition, the arts, culture and the hospitality of residents makes this part of the island famous.

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