Limnos: An idyllic beach, that shapes a calm bay. It is located in the north-western department of Chios. It is sandy beach with crystal, limpid, and also deep sea. In the region exist taverns that offer fresh fish as well as enough appealing rooms to rent.


Managros: It is located near Volissos. It is a beautiful sand beach with deep and clear crystal water, perfect for swimming and sunbathing. It is the biggest beach of Chios as it is 1, 5 km long.


Magemena: It is a fantastic sand beach near Limnia. It is located between the beaches of Managros and Limnia. It is an organized beach with thick grain of sand and deep, clear cool water.


Limnia: Seaport of Volissos. It is a settlement of rural houses, leisure and fish boats. The romantic pot-houses and the two appealing café-bars are waiting for travelers and passers by.


Lefkathia: It is a quiet picturesque beach. Lefkathia is one of the most known beaches of the northwest Chios. It is located between Limnos and Limnia. It is about an organized beach with thick grain of sand, ideal for sunbathing and water games. Its main mark is its cold deep water.


Lampsa: Lampsa beach is located near Volissos (on the way towards Agia Markella). It is a small isolated sand beach with crystal water. Its main mark is its cold deep water.


Agia Markella: Agia Markella is an arrant seashore .It seems to be an endless length of pebbled beach that spreads out to become one with the deep, blue waters of the Aegean sea. There are taverns offering fresh seafood, in the area. The famous church of Agia Markella is located near to the beach.

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